World Dance America®

NORTH AMERICAN DANCE SPORT ALLIANCE In 1981 in the spirit of cooperation, the North American Treaty was created. This document was signed by the National Dance Council of America and representatives of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association, the CDTA., the Official professional body of Canada. The purpose was to open a more direct line of communication between the two countries, specifically in the areas of Rules, Competition date conflicts, and professional registrations. The North American Treaty was recast as “The North American Dance Sport Alliance” (NADSA) between Canada, represented by the Canadian Dance & Dance sport Council (CDDSC) and the United States, represented by NDCA, in November 2004. The new alliance document contains more specifically written points of agreement in the wider areas of the World Dance & Dance Sport Council, standing Joint Committee’s, etc..., as well as rules, regulations and communication, and makes provision for the possible inclusion of Mexico as a signatory to the Alliance at some future date.

THE AMERICAS DANCE COUNCIL®. In July 2016 the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) incorporated The Americas Dance Council (TADC) and registered this mark in each of the following countries: Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Canada; Chile; Columbia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Guatemala; Honduras; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; United State of America; Uruguay; and Venezuela. TADC is an affiliate member of the World Dance Council (WDC).

The goal for WORLD DANCE AMERICA is to bring all of the Americas under one umbrella and to help people to enjoy life through the friendship of dance.