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National Dance Council of America

COVID-19 - corona virus

It is with great sadness that we address the gathering storm of the COVID-19 virus in the USA and how it is affecting our dance industry, competitions, teachers, dancers, studios, organizers, vendors, all of which must make the decision of what is right for them. As you may be aware 21 states thus far have restricted large gatherings, causing a rising number of NDCA sanctioned event organizers to make the call to cancel their events. Others are still considering their options and must of course comply with any state and federal requirements; their decisions are not easy ones, and all of us in our wonderful dance world cannot help but be concerned. On Thursday, the organizers of the US National Amateur Championships being held in Provo had to make the agonizing decision to cancel the remaining two days of the event, despite being originally informed that they would be able to complete the Championships before the shutdown in Utah.

While the Corona virus COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly changing and fluid situation from a public health perspective there are no answers to so many questions at this time – what, when, where, how long?  However, with an understanding of the precarious situation some of our NDCA Licensed competitors may find themselves in, the NDCA is starting the ‘NDCA Benevolent Fund’ for licensed NDCA competitors who are gravely affected by the virus, under a hospital or doctor’s care, and find themselves in dire need of help. The ‘NDCA Benevolent Fund’ will be opened with an initial donation of $10,000 from the NDCA and will administered by the Competitors Commission, headed by Travis Tuft. As soon as the Fund is set up this week, a notice will be posted on this website giving directions to anyone that wishes to donate to this very worthy cause.

In closing, our hearts go out to all in our dance family who have been forced to cancel events or may have been caught in the aftershock of cancellation such as that in Provo. Unfortunately, we are not yet at the end of the beginning of the spread of COVID-19 here in the USA and we sincerely hope that the devastation caused by this rogue virus that has been seen in other countries is not experienced here.


NDCA Executive Committee.

UPDATE - NDCA Benevolent Fund for victims of COVID-9, the Corona virus.

Plans were announced earlier this week regarding the initiation of a ‘Go Fund Me’ page for affected competitors that NDCA would start with a donation of $10,000. However, after further research it has been determined that there is a better way to help our stricken competitors. The Heritage Dance Foundation, a 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that has been in business for more than twenty years, will accept donations to the NDCA Benevolent Fund-COVID19, and, as indicated earlier, the NDCA has initiated this account with its donation of $10,000.

Dr. Charles Zwerling, the founder and Chairman of the Board of the Heritage Dance Foundation, has very kindly offered to administer donations to the NDCA Benevolent Fund without charge, thereby ensuring that 100% of donations are made available for competitors that are under a hospital or doctor’s care, gravely affected by the virus, and find themselves in dire need of help. Additionally, donations made through the Heritage Dance Foundation are fully tax deductible. As stated previously, donations will be managed by the NDCA Competitors Commission, the chairman of which is Travis Tuft.

Heritage Dance Foundation107 South Center Street
Goldsboro, North Carolina 27530
Phone (919) 736-3500
Attention Patti Troy

HDF FEDERAL TAX ID Number: 58-2001459 http://www.ballroom.org/legal.html
Donation checks should be made out to: Heritage Dance Foundation, please note in the memo or in an accompanying letter ‘For NDCA Benevolent Fund Covid-19’.

In closing, we thank Dr. Zwerling for his most generous offer, and sincerely thank you in advance for donations, both large and small, to support competitors afflicted by this rogue virus. We hope that you will all stay safe and healthy at this very difficult time.


NDCA Executive Committee

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