Welcome to the Resource Center for organizers of NDCA sanctioned Championships, Multi-Day Competitions, and Local One-Day Events. You may click on the files below to download and use them as necessary for the sanctioned events that you organize. You may also contact us as listed below if you have other needs.

Lee Wakefield, Ballroom Director - or cell phone (801) 225-5857

Gary McDonald, Assistant Ballroom Director - or cell phone (201) 306-5843

Filename Description Size
NDCA Rulebook Complete NDCA Rule Book [July 2016] 365.2 KB
All-Amateur Master List NDCA licensed officials are allowed to officiate at the following "All-Amateur" events, provided they continue to be limited to amateur competitions only. 70.7 KB
Official NDCA Syllabus Infraction Form 2015 July - Must be printed on triplicate carbonless paper - one copy each for the competitor, the Organizer & the Chairman 47.5 KB
Invigilator Guidelines 2015 July 40.4 KB
NDCA Approved Figures, Elements & Restrictions 2015 July - The following is a list of the allowable figures, elements and or restrictions for the Bronze and Silver levels to be used in NDCA recognized Events. 412.9 KB