* United States Terpsichore Association (U.S.T.A)

Gary McDonald
* United States Terpsichore Association (U.S.T.A)

Member Since 1978

The United States Terpsichore Association was incorporated in and granted the great seal of the State of California on August 29, 1978 and is a member organization of the National Dance Council of America. In June of 2002 the offices were moved to New Jersey where they remain currently.

The Terpsichore Association was founded to represent the professional dancing teacher, making available through our qualified examiners the opportunity to be certified by examination in all the styles of Ballroom Dance encompassing the International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm and the Theater Arts.

The standard is high in the Terpsichore Association and the qualifications of the membership roster are excellent.

Our examiners are fully qualified in all branches of ballroom dancing and are veterans of the dancing world. Teachers wishing to take their examinations should call our secretary, Debbie Marolda, at the Terpsichore office, (973) 276-1170, to receive information regarding membership exams and to schedule an examiner.

We also accept qualified teachers from other societies and are most happy to have them join us with proof of their qualifications through a copy of their certificate issued to them at the time of their exams.

The society offers a full range of amateur tests in all styles of ballroom dancing, providing certificates and medals upon completion of the exams. With the US becoming world leaders in ballroom dancing, the U.S. Terpsichore Association is very proud to be a part of the NDCA.

Gary McDonald


Our distinguished panel of examiners consists of:
Stephan Krauel
Brian McDonald
Desmond Dunne
Kristi McDonald
Nadia Eftedal-Severino
Dennis Rogers
Gene Jennings
Ken Sloan
Monique Hrouda
Kerry Wilson
Michael Chapman