Heritage Dance Foundation

Charles Zwerling
Heritage Dance Foundation

In 1998, The Heritage Dance Foundation, a 501 ( c )3 non profit corporation created by Charles S. Zwerling, MD, bought DanceWeek from Dick Mason in order to continue his fine work and report the news of ballroom dancing in the United States. DanceWeek became overnight the flagship for the Heritage Dance Foundation whose mission is: to promote the international sport of partnership dancing through encouraging opportunities for dance education, cultivating excellence within the sport and elevating overall standards for a superior competitive environment.

Over the past years the Heritage Dance Foundation has developed and maintained many worthwhile projects, including:

  1. The Junior Dance Foundation assisting youth in ballroom,
  2. The United States Dance Congress annual event and seminar which the HDF transferred to the NDCA
  3. Publication of the national bi-weekly newsletter, DanceWeek.
  4. The publication of Ability, The Ballroom Dance Journal,
  5. Establishment of amateur and professional dance scholarships
  6. Members of the National Dance Council of America
  7. Assisting Competition Organizers for tax deductible scholarship events
  8. Producer of original theatrical productions “ Remember the Paramount” and “Broadway at Paramount”
  9. Producer of original television show “ A Time to Dance”
  10. Creation of a theatrical ensemble, Encore Entertainment

The Heritage Dance Foundation has created a performing arts division in order to nuture and encourage regional community theatrical and dance productions.