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John Kimmins
* Arthur Murray International

Member Since 1971
The Arthur Murray organization this year celebrates its 98th anniversary. The organization is proud to be the largest organization of dance studios in the world today, with over 250 studios in 17 countries.

Through Arthur and Kathryn Murray; Philip S. Masters; the late George B. Theiss and Samuel A. Costello the organization introduced and popularized many of the dances we enjoy today and was the first to embrace mass appeal to dance lovers and students through its popular and simple “Magic Step” method of instruction. The organization was one of the very first to enter the “franchise” field.

The organization is proud to have brought to dancing many of the celebrities who appeared on the famous Arthur Murray Dance Party TV series and such latter day dance stars as Larry and Betty Silvers, Vernon Brock and Beverly Donahue, Ron Montez, Sam Sodano, John and Beverly Kimmins, Patrick and Wendy Johnson, David and Carrie Kloss, Bill Sparks and Shirley Johnson, Tim and Barbara Haller, Pat Traymore, Terry Leone, Bob Medeiros, Julius Kaiser, Frank and Victoria Regan, Bob and Cindy Long, Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova, Augusto Schiavo, Luca and Loraine Barrichi, Michelle Montague, Nicholas and Lena Kosovich and Hunter and Maria Johnson.

We are equally as proud of all our instructors and franchise studio operators along with our head office staff, who are the heart and soul of the vibrant Arthur Murray Dance Studios of today.